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NMC ITALIA - Milano Color

Wide assortment of mouldings, ceiling medallions, columns and skirting boards for interiors and exteriors

NMC, the Belgian group, with a branch in Pessano con Bornago (MI) offers from its production a wide range of mouldings, ceiling medallions, columns and skirting boards for interiors but also mouldings and ceiling medallions for the decoration of facades, much requested by the professional market. Lines produced with innovative materials and with an eye always attentive to design and the latest trends.


  • WALLSTYL - A range of impact resistant wall mouldings, in various styles to suit all liking and, in particular, a selection of decorative skirting boards, which allows for harmonious and elegant environments, from floor to ceiling.


  • NOMA STONE - Panels made of laminated polyester resin reinforced with glass fiber that offer a very natural stone effect, ideal for creating sophisticated environments but at the same time with a strong material and natural touch.


  • ARSTYL - a wide range of professional mouldings, ceiling medallions, columns and pillars, combining hi-tech style and design that meets the strictest quality standards. Arstyl moldings and ceiling medallions can be laid as finishings without the need for any surface preparation and can be perfectly aligned thanks to their exclusive fixing system. In the line we also find micro-moldings, Arstyl Flex for the decoration of curved surfaces, and also columns and semi-columns, smooth or grooved, which can be combined with different bases and capitals.


  • DOMOSTYL – A specific range for facade decoration, which includes two different lines: Domostyl based on polyurethane, characterized by low costs and great versatility, and Domostyl Customized, with reliable and tailor-made solutions for all those who wish to give the building a touch even more personal. Products that have passed the most rigorous tests provided by famous and recognized international control bodies.


  • NOMASTYL - A wide range of moldings and ceiling roses of easy installation and high strength and durability, ideal for hiding cables, cracks and other imperfections.


  • NOMAWOOD - new line of high density polymer slats for terraces. They do not need maintenance, available in modern colors, they do not chip. Ideal for swimming pool edges. A very high anti-slip class: R12